Thursday, July 18, 2013

My School morning routine

Hi. Jen again.
Today, I am telling you guys my school morning routine.
So, Here I go!
1: Wake up.
2: Breakfast.
3: Get dressed.
4: Brush hair.
5: Clean my teeth.
6: Water my rose.
7: Go to school.
So that's my Awesome school morning routine.

My Bedtime Routine for The Summer Holidays

Hey readers.
Brittany today.
Today, I'm telling you my bedtime routine for the summer holidays.
So, Here I go!
1: Shower. (Optional)
2: Pajamas.
3: Ipod or Xbox Minecraft.
4: Read.
5: Teeth.
6: Get bed ready.
7: Go to bed.
So that is my summer bedtime routine.
Bye Bye.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Summer Morning Routine

Hi there. Theo today.
Today, I'm telling you my one and only summer morning routine.
So here we go!
1: Wake up. (Of course)
2: Breakfast.
3: Sleep for a bit more.
4: Read.
5: Minecraft on Xbox.
6: TV.
7: Ipod.
8: Read some more.
9: Get dressed.
10: Brush my hair.
11: Clean my teeth.

So that's my summer morning routine.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Minecraft Creeper House

Hi there.
Simon again.
Today, I was on Minecraft Xbox with Alvin and I built a creeper house.
You are probably wondering how that MASSIVE creeper is a house.
Well... Under its feet is a ladder that leads into its head and in its head is the house!!!
Clever! Alvin helped.
The house contains A bed, Some bookshelves, A TV and a furnace.
Its made of wool.
It took 2 hours to make completely.
I timed it.
So that's a bit about the Minecraft creeper house.

Monday, July 15, 2013

My german shepard toy

Hey readers. Eleanor again.
Today, I'm telling you about my german shepard toy.
His name is Masha.
He likes to sit with me on my bed.
I always take him when I go camping.
He is like my camping buddy.
I got him for my 6th birthday.
That means he is 3 years old.
I love him lots and lots.
So that's a bit about my lovely german shepard toy.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Minecraft Hot Air Balloons

Hey readers.
Jen again.
Today, me and the others was playing Minecraft on Xbox and we build hot air balloons.
I made the purple one.
Digger built the white one.
Alvin made the orange one.
Brittany built the pink one and Simon made the rainbow and yellow ones.
We sometimes like to fly up there and sit in them.
It was Eleanor's idea. (Eleanor is the one with the big ideas)
Here is how we made them.
We piled up dirt blocks and made a circle in the sky.
Next, We put fences at the bottom of the circle and then placed some more making the place where you stand.

So that's a bit about our lovely Minecraft Hot Air Balloons.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Question Time

Hi. Britt again.
Today is the day that you can leave comments asking questions about me.
Next week I will answer them.
Ask me anything just make sure its Appropriate.
I'm going to answer them all if there isn't many But if there is lots (I Hope) I will answer some of them.

That's all I wanted to say, So I will see you next week.
Bye Bye.