Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Midnight's death

Hi guys. Theodore again.
Today, I'm telling you what happened to my Chicken Midnight.
She died. :(
She got really unwell.
The picture above Shows you what my little face was like when I heard the news.
After I heard what had happened, I rushed to my bed and cried my eyes out.
I cried for about 2 hours.

So that is what happened to Midnight the Chicken.


  1. I am so sorry to hear of your little chick dieing. Our pets are special like family aren't they. We had a little chick die day before yesterday. She fell our of her fenced area unknown to us and one of our doglets played with her too hard, we didn't know it til our dog brought her to the porch, we felt sooo horrible. We also have another Banty chick Sweetie, who became unwell and we gave her special food and prayed and she was okay. I blogged about Sweetie. Pets are special, they are part of our family. When we lose a pet we lose a family member.

    I'm so sorry you lost your sweet chick. I know that must hurt.

    I follow your mom through email. : )

    Take care now, I enjoyed your sweet blog. I have four daughters who used to write newsletters before computers, now they blog too from time to time. My little girls are age 18 to 30 now. : ) ~mrs. amelia

    1. Thank you for making me feel a bit better.